April 21, 2013

Had such a great weekend, no work for the first time in a long while - had friends over for dinner last night and today I had a relaxing day all to myself while my boyfriend was at work! I've been lifting now for just over a week and it feels so good. I feel a lot better already and I can feel myself gaining strength again.

Here's a picture from a casual outfit shoot from a few days ago, the denim jacket is probably one of my best investments though, use it all the time!

 Hope you have a good week ahead!




self portrait.

April 14, 2013

Yikes! I've been stressed out about this part - putting a picture of me in my current shape since it's the worst shape I've been after I started exercising regularly. But only way is up from here, right?

I've never been so motivated in my life so let's get to it!


the weekend.

March 03, 2013

This weekend has been super nice. Yesterday I kicked it off by going to the gym for the first time in a month or so, which felt so damn good. Did shoulders and abs, just a quick workout to get me started again! I then had a wonderful dinner with my man and then went out to meet up with some friends. That was so much fun, haven't met my friends in ages so it was nice catching up! 


Last night's outfit, love my coat from Asos!


Today's been a lazy day, dozed off all morning, took a walk and enjoyed the weather. Tonight is movie night - love lazy Sundays!



Today's outfit. Jacket by Asos, sweater from H&M, jeans from Selected, shoes by Dr. Martens! Should have dressed better though, didn't realize it was so damn cold.


These are absolutely my favorite pair right now, Dr Martens x Pendleton!


Tomorrow it's back to basics! Super hyped for this week. 

Have a great week guys!



the start.

March 02, 2013

Hey guys.

I've given the question "Why do you want to blog?" a lot of thought lately. Many things come to mind, but I can't really put them into words - all I know is my passion for this blog and how much I want to put all my effort & time into A Blue Bliss. 

 I think it's time to make a change. I'm one of those cliché kind of people that whenever I'm about to make a change in lifestyle or any big change at all  I always stick to starting on Mondays. New beginning and all the usual. So far I've failed. I've always lived a healthy ish lifestyle but I always fall into this period of lazy, overeating or not eating at all behavior. So now I think it symbolizes what I wanna do with this blog that I'm starting today. On a Friday. That means something to me and somehow just feels right. 

So here's to it guys - let's get this started!

Have a great weekend!



the first one.

February 12, 2013

Hey everyone!

 Welcome to A Blue Bliss! Here I will share pictures and progress from my fitness journey, my goals, outfit photos and a lot more. I want to help raise gay awareness and do whatever I can to support gay rights around the world.





Stay tuned!



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A Blue Bliss is a blog focused on a healthy and happy lifestyle. Here you can follow my fitness journey and hopefully inspire your own! I want to help promote gay awareness & rights and who knows… I just might share some outfits and style tips!

Hope you enjoy!

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